A Vote Of Her Own Podcast

A Vote Of Her Own Podcast - Episode 4 -So Hurrah Son Vote for Suffrage!

August 2, 2021

In 1920, an unlikely young legislator from a tiny Tennessee town is faced with a vote on a Constitutional amendment that will grant voting rights to all American women, both then present, and all future women. In the face of intense opposition, comical and inexplicable to modern audiences, will he listen to his mother?

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This podcast engineered and mixed by Cosette Collier, Department of Recording Industry, MTSU, Murfreesboro Tennessee
Musicians for this podcast include:
Opening song 1920’s song Silver Lake Waltz
Guitar and arrangement. Greg Reish
So, Hurrah Son and Vote for Suffrage!
Written by Candace Corrigan
Vocalist Candace Corrigan and Janne Henshaw
Guitar : Steve Peavy
Bass: Avent Lane
Violin: Sarah Wilfong
#avoteofherown, #womenshistory, #womenssuffrage

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